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The European’s largest sporting event for elite athletes with an intellectual disability

Following the example of the Global Games, (world largest sporting event for athletes with an intellectual disability), which was first held in 2004, the European continent will organize for the first time, the INAS European Championships Games in Europe in 2018, with all the summer events; sporting disciplines, this will be the major event of the year.

The FFSA is very proud to organize the first edition in Paris, France, from July 14 to July 22, 2018.

Athletics, basketball, table tennis (world championships), cycling, swimming, tennis (world championships), rowing, field hockey and pétanque will be featured at the first INAS summer championship.





Participating European countries

Expected persons (sportsmen and staff)

INAS is the recognised International Sport Organisation for athletes with an intellectual disability and full member of the International Paralympic Commitee. With more than 80 members nations, INAS currently reckons 300,000 athletes across the world. Created in 1986, INAS works with its member nations and partners to change attitudes, to create opportunities and to develop inclusive pathways in sport to ensure that athletes can compete at the highest possible level.

It manages an annual program of more than 15 Regional and World Championships competitions and closely works with each sports international federations.

INAS is also responsible for managing regional and world records, athlete rankings and athlete eligibility.

The French Federation of Sport Adapté, FFSA, is the multisports federation serving people with mental disability. Today, with more than 60,000 licensees, we are the most important federation of athletes with disability in France.

The main mission of the FFSA is to offer to anyone with mental disability, whatever their desires, capacities and needs, the possibility to live the passion of the sport of their choice, in an environment devoted to its pleasure, performance, safety and the exercise of its citizenship.